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Sensory Serenity is a startup company that is compassionate with assisting the astonishing number of millennials that suffer from stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Coloring can take a consumer away from issues stressing them out and relax their brain. Adding an essential oil scent that is released while coloring can Enhance You Elation, With Pages of Sensation.


Coloring Is Not Just For Kids!!

40 million millennial's are affected by some sort of mental illness in the United States, only 36.9% receive treatment. Sensory Serenity can assist with the 60% that is not receiving treatment by Enhancing Your Elation, With Pages of Sensation!!


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Coloring can be very beneficial to the human brain. Coloring takes consumers' attention away from themself and those things that are stressing them out. The outcome of coloring isn’t predictable or prescriptive. It can be as neat — or as messy — as you choose, and this is one of its relaxing perks.

Amount of People who Suffer from Anxiety 

* In the United States, 40 million adults ages 18 & older suffer from anxiety

* Out of those 40 million, only 36.9% of people receive treatment (the rest who don't receive treatment is a potential target)

* 7.1% ( approximately 4.4 million) of children have been diagnosed with anxiety from ages 3-17 years old